Artistic Statement

I am a remote sensing geologist.  Geology has trained my eye to see and recognize landscape features that some folks may miss.  Remote sensing has taught me about light and the interaction of light with the atmosphere and landscape, as well as the digital manipulation of images. 
I have been interested in photography for most of my adult life. My interest grew when I lived in a household of Brooks Institute of Photgraphy students in Santa Barbara, California. Several years ago I finally found myself in a position to devote more time to photography and also able to buy professional-grade equipment.  However, as many photographers will tell you, it's not about the equipment. In fact, I use my iphone often when I don't need to produce high resolution images!

My profession has given the opportunity to travel the world.  I have visited over 40 countries and am looking forward to visiting more.  There is nothing like seeing new sights!  It can be very uplifting and inspiring.

All works are original and shot on location.  I certainly get ideas from other photographers but strive to find some new perspective. If there is a particular shot from the gallery you find appealing, feel free to contact me.

Maroon Bells, CO | 2016

Boulder, CO | 2015